An Overview of Wisdom Teeth Removal

November 15, 2022

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most commonly prescribed surgical measures. Since wisdom teeth may pose several complications for other teeth and cause severe discomfort, dentists often recommend the removal of wisdom teeth to preserve your oral health.

Here’s an overview of the wisdom teeth removal process.

What is a wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal involves extraction of four permanent teeth called third molars. These molars are located at the back of your mouth, in the upper and lower jaws. These teeth usually come out at the age of 17 to 21. These are one of the vestigial structures present in our body which have become insignificant.

What happens during the process of wisdom teeth removal?

Oral consultation: Your dentist will recommend you to an oral professional surgeon for consultation. The surgeon will take dental x-rays and determine the exact location of your wisdom teeth. During your visit, make sure you inform your surgeon about the medication and supplements you are using.

Anesthesia: Before the surgery, your surgeon will give you an injection of local anesthesia to numb your wisdom teeth and jaws.

Removal: If the tooth hasn’t erupted out of the gums, a small incision is made to access the teeth. Any bone covering the teeth is also removed. Once your wisdom teeth are visible, the surgeon will lift them from the sockets. If there is an incision made, the surgeon uses dissolving stitches to seal the gum and clean the remaining area. Typically, the whole process takes about 1 hour or less. If you have a complicated case, it may take longer than the usual.

Post-surgery: Your surgeon will guide you how long will it take for the stitches to dissolve. You might feel mild pain, bleeding and swelling post-surgery. However, your dentist will give you proper instructions to deal with the side-effects.

Recovery process:
The recovery process might take three to four days for most people. However, in certain cases, it may take more than a week or two for your gums to heal. You can heal quickly if you follow the post-surgical guide given by your surgeon.

After-care guide:
Some of the basic guidelines after wisdom teeth removal may include:

  • Take a good rest for a few days
  • Avoid any physical activity for two to three days
  • Brush and clean the rest of your teeth regularlyN
  • Keep the affected areas clean by using a medicated mouthwash.
  • Take all the prescribed medications and pain relievers on time.

Advantages of wisdom teeth removal

Some of the most significant benefits of removing wisdom teeth may include alleviating the risks of oral issues in future like, gym diseases, tooth decay, damage to other teeth and jaws, bone loss.

Call to Action:

If your wisdom teeth is causing severe pain or interfering with other teeth, it is important to talk to a professional dentist or an oral surgeon for consultation. Consult the dental professionals at Perio health today to resolve your oral complications!

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