How Long Does One Dental Cleaning Session Take?

Aug 30, 20221579 Views

Skipping your professional dental cleaning appointment can be one of the worst things you do to your teeth, especially when it doesn’t take long. With busy schedules, it is next to impossible to tackle an oral health regime religiously. This is the main reason why we urge you to drop everything for a day and […]

How To Deal With Half Broken Molar Tooth?

Aug 15, 202256 Views

Your teeth are sturdy structures of the oral cavity that can easily bear daily wear and tear. However, even though they are one of the strongest organs may break off due to sudden impact. In this blog, we have discussed the cause and what to do when your molar or any other tooth is broken […]

Aftercare Tips Of Wisdom Teeth Stitches

Jul 30, 202272 Views

Do wisdom teeth extractions always involve the use of stitches? Not necessarily; however, if the incisions are deep, the dentist may need dissolvable sutures or stitches to close them up. It is critically important to know how to care for your mouth after the wisdom teeth extraction so that they don’t end up either hanging […]

How Long Would Your Root Canal Take?

Jul 15, 202266 Views

A root canal is a standard dental procedure to get rid of tooth roots suffering from damage without having to pull it out. This procedure is inevitable when the soft tissue gets infected. But, how long does a root canal actually take? How Long Does It Take To Do A Root Canal? The dentist can […]

Telltale Signs You Need A Root Canal

Jun 30, 202268 Views

A persistent toothache can land you in the dentist’s chair for a root canal procedure. Even after successful treatment, one needs to be meticulous with the aftercare so that the recovery after having the root canal is proper. Root Canal Recovery Time Aftercare part, once done with a root canal, many pivots around getting rid […]

7 Early Signs Of an Infection after Getting Root Canal

Jun 15, 202266 Views

Although safe, a root canal is considered one of the most daunting procedures in the dental world. Its popularity is more because of the aftercare troubles and consequential issues of mishandling the healing stage. One of which is an infection after the procedure. If you are keen to know about the signs an infection comes […]


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