Thursday, February 28th 2019


Joshua Austin’s Introduction for “#ReputationMatters: Thrive In Today’s Crowd Sourced Community”

Ø Have you ever wondered how prospective patients pick their new dentist?

Ø Do you ever think to yourself “who believes anything they read online?!”

Ø Wish that you could get more of your patients to leave you great reviews?

If you said YES to any of those, you are in the right place!


Dr. Joshua Austin authors the monthly column “Pearls For Your Practice” in Dental Economics and is the contributing editor of the Product Navigator e-newsletter for Dentistry IQ. He is the former chair of the ADA Council on Communications and speaks all over the country about reputation management and dental products. He is also the cohost of The Working Interferences Podcast, one of the top rated podcasts in the category of Medicine and Science.

Dr. Austin has a bachelor’s degree, a DDS, a golden doodle named Graham, a labradoodle named Fig and a full time restorative private practice. When he is not speaking, podcasting, or cutting teeth, he can be found trying to visit every Major League Baseball stadium with his fiancé and fellow baseball addict, Andrea. Please join me in welcoming - from San Antonio, Texas – dentist, speaker, author and doodle dad.

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