Peer-Reviewed Research by Dr. David I. Lipton


Dr. Lipton:

Restoring the Aesthetic Zone Using All-Ceramic Single-Unit Restorations

Dr. Lipton, Dr. Abbo

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Guided Tissue Regeneration to Treat Mucogingival Defects Using a Collagen Sponge as a Space-Filler Material for Cell Proliferation: Clinical Case Reports With Long-Term Follow-Up

João Carnio,*† Josimara T. Ribas,‡ David Lipton,x and Jeffrey Brownx

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The Effect of Interimplant Distance on Peri-implant Bone and Soft Tissue Dimensional Changes: A Nonrandomized, Prospective, 2-Year Follow-up Study

Theofilos Koutouzis, DDS, MS1/Rodrigo Neiva, DDS, MS1/David Lipton, DDS2/Tord Lundgren, DDS, PHD3

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Regenerative Needs Following Alveolar Ridge Preservation Procedures in Compromised and Noncompromised Extraction Sockets: A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study

Theofilos Koutouzis, DDS, MS1/David Lipton, DDS2

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Clinical evaluation of socket preservation utilizing L-PRF prior to implant placement in the anterior maxilla. A case report.

David I. Lipton, DDS, MS

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