“My Teeth Hurt When I Bite Down” | 5 Reasons Why

August 30, 2023

Many people come to the dentist clutching their mouth with the same question: Why do my teeth hurt when I bite down?

There are many reasons behind tooth pain when biting down, such as deep cavities, cracks, ill-fitted dental crowns, and more. Regardless of the cause, if your tooth hurts when you bite down, one thing is for sure: there is an underlying issue. Read this blog to learn the potential culprits of tooth pain that results from pressure!

Tooth Pain When Biting Down: What Could It Be?

If your tooth hurts upon biting down, here are some possible causes:

1. Large & Deep Cavity

When tooth decay spreads, it weakens the affected tooth to a point where you will experience sensitivity and discomfort from daily activities. Therefore, when you bite down, a spark of pain will be shot down due to the pressure on the vulnerable tooth. Moreover, contact with acidic or sugary foods can also result in discomfort. If a large cavity is present, it provides bacteria and food particles with the ideal spot to accumulate. Hence, your tooth might hurt from pressure, especially when you bite down.

2. Dental Abscess

If there is an abscess near the tip of the root, you are likely to experience tooth pain when you bite down. The pressure from the swelling in your dental bone will result in tooth pain, and it requires immediate treatment. You might want to visit a periodontist since a dental abscess is a sign of infection in your gums or teeth.

3. Fractured Or Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth could cause sharp pain when you bite down, so visit your dentist right away if this is the case. It is pretty challenging to detect a fissure in the tooth. Your dentist will examine the tooth with the help of X-rays, bite tests, and more.

4. Receding Gums

You might have to consult a periodontist if your teeth hurt when you bite down, as it is also an indication of receding gums. Your tooth becomes quite vulnerable when the gums pull back, causing pain and increased sensitivity. Furthermore, your teeth might hurt when you eat or drink something, and it comes in contact with the surface of your tooth.

5. Problems With Dental Restorations

Is your crown not fitted properly? Or, perhaps your filling is getting old, or it is new but needs a bite adjustment. Whatever the case, dental restorations are also a possible culprit of tooth pain upon biting down. You can visit your dentist again to correct the bite adjustment if your dental filling sits too high or if you need a replacement. Get the treatment you need to stop your tooth from hurting with pressure!

Final Note

Tooth pain when biting down is common, but it always requires dental attention. Old dental restorations, bit adjustment, large cavities, gum recession, and other factors can cause your teeth to hurt when you bite down.

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