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Rocket Health Partners

A Globally-Respected Network Of Periodontists, Dentists And Other Specialists

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About Rocket Health Partners

Dr. Mcguire and Dr. Scheyer

Rocket Health Partners is a Houston-based dental support organization led by world-renowned and respected periodontists that have hand selected a highly committed group of founding practices. The network is comprised of master clinician dentists that provide comprehensive dental services. We believe our collective legacies will last for generations to come and positively impact the healthcare system worldwide.

Rocket Health Partners is the brainchild of Perio Health Partners. Dr. Todd Scheyer of Perio Health Professionals had a vision and passion to scale a highly differentiated platform with worldwide impact alongside his partners Dr. Michael McGuire and Dr. Andrew Rossi.

“Making this DSO a reality required leadership, credibility, and hard work. My partner Dr. Todd Scheyer and the Optimize Practice Services team brought all three in equal measure. I am so proud to see the legacy of my 40+ year career reach these heights and am forever grateful for the partnership it took to get here.”
Dr. Michael K. McGuire, DDS, FICD, FACD, Board Certified Periodontist, Founder.

Rocket Health Partners is Growing

Today, Rocket Health Partners has 6 practices and is growing, bringing to prospective partners:

  • Communication, support, and leadership through the transition.
  • Robust project management infrastructure.
  • Operational leadership.
  • Best-in-class vendors to support the DSO build.

After many years of planning, the DSO has successfully:

  • Brought 90+ doctors and employees together onto one team.
  • Centralized HR, accounting, procurement, and more under one roof.
  • Established a foundation for M&A activity to bring this innovative model to new areas.

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