Osseous Surgery in Houston, TX

Osseous Surgery Helps Save Teeth

Osseous surgery, also referred to as flap surgery, is a procedure often performed to treat advanced periodontitis. When other gum disease treatments have not proven successful at arresting the disease process or the condition is diagnosed in the advanced stage, we may recommend osseous surgery as a treatment option. The goal of this surgical procedure is to rid the mouth of active periodontal infection, preserving remaining bone structure and the teeth it supports. Saving teeth is our ultimate goal, as we work towards helping you create a healthy mouth and body.
Eliminate Infection
Halt Disease
Improve Oral Health

Why is Osseous Surgery Necessary?

Periodontal disease is an oral infection causing damage to the structures supporting the teeth – the gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone tissue. When periodontal infection progresses to the point of moderate to advanced bone determination, the teeth become at significant risk of being lost. Furthermore, systemic health conditions linked to periodontal disease also become a concern, as harmful oral bacteria make their way into other areas of the body.

Explore the Benefits of Flap Surgery

Osseous surgery is typically performed in quadrants, or sections of the mouth. To begin, we anesthetize the treatment site for maximum comfort, and retract the gum tissue covering the roots and bone, gaining access to deep areas of infection. The tooth roots are cleaned of plaque and tartar deposits and the bone smoothed of any rough surface areas created by bacteria. We then expertly trim infected gum tissue and suture the site for healing to begin.

Benefits of Flap Surgery

By arresting the periodontal disease process, this surgical gum disease treatment offers a number of benefits to periodontal patients:

  • Reduces periodontal pockets depths
  • Eliminates active infection
  • Halts disease process
  • Fosters healthier oral environment
  • Enables better homecare techniques
  • Allows for more comfortable dental visits
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