Pinhole Surgical Technique in Houston, TX

When Should I Seek Pinhole Treatment for Gum Recession?

The first signs of gum recession are challenging to diagnose as they mimic other dental problems. A periodontist will be able to measure gum recession accurately and adapt a treatment plan to your specific problem. The Pinhole Technique is an effective preventive measure to address early gum recession and ensure that the condition does not cause more severe symptoms.

It is important to seek treatment for receding gums. Without the protective barrier of our gums surrounding our teeth, we can leave them exposed to bacteria that will only build-up and cause further disease and infection. Without the gums covering the roots of our teeth, they are exposed to external stimuli and become very sensitive and prone to decay.

Why Should I Choose the Pinhole Technique?

Although some periodontists continue to favor a traditional gum graft as a solution to gum recession, the Pinhole Technique has evolved to provide patients with:

  • Healing within a few days of surgery.
  • Immediate functional and aesthetic restoration of your gums.
  • Minimal pain during and after the procedure.
  • Correction of multiple teeth in one appointment.

How is the Pinhole Technique Performed?

After a thorough evaluation of the degree of your gum recession, we will explain our plan for treatment. Although not required, sedation is available for your comfort during the procedure. After administering local anesthesia, we will perform the following steps:

  • Make pinhole-sized incisions in the gum above (or below) your teeth.
  • Gently tug gum tissue down (or up) to cover the exposed roots.
  • Place collagen strips under your gums to secure the gum tissue as it heals.

As you heal, the collagen strips will integrate into your natural gum tissue, and your gums will remain in position.

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