Everything You Need to Know About Periodontal Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

February 15, 2023

Periodontal surgery is a field of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. It involves procedures such as dental implants, gum grafting, and other advanced treatments to restore health to the gums and teeth. A periodontist specializes in this area of dentistry, providing comprehensive care to patients with periodontal disease. Understanding the importance of periodontal surgery can help you make informed decisions about your oral health and treatment options.

Types of Periodontal Surgery

There are several types of periodontal surgery, each designed to address different forms of gum disease. Examples include laser gum surgery, pocket reduction surgery, and bone grafting procedure. Each type of periodontal surgery has its own set of benefits and risks that must be closely considered before treatment begins.

Laser gum surgery is a procedure where the gum disease is addressed with a laser. The tissue is exposed, and the laser will burn off the diseased areas of gum tissue. After this treatment, a bone graft can be used to repair the bone along with replacement teeth.

Pocket reduction surgery is periodontal surgery where pockets are removed from inside of the gums so that they are not obstructing other healthy teeth. This procedure eliminates food particles and debris which would otherwise accumulate in these pockets, leading to infection and gum disease in those locations. Bone grafting procedure consists of replacing one or more missing teeth with new, healthy teeth created from bone taken from another part of the patient’s body. Dentures are often then placed over the gums to replace missing teeth.

What to Expect During a Periodontal Surgery Procedure

Periodontal surgery is a specialized field of dentistry which involves the treatment and repair of soft tissue and bones that support the teeth. It is often needed to treat advanced periodontal disease, or gum disease, caused by bacterial infection. Pre-operative care, anesthesia, and post-operative care are all important aspects of periodontal surgery. During pre-op care of periodontal surgery, your surgeon will perform a thorough examination and discuss the procedure with you. You will also receive anesthesia and pain medications before your surgery. Post-op care includes pain medication, a mouth guard, and post-surgical instructions to follow. Post-surgical visits usually last six weeks.

How to Prepare for a Periodonatal Surgery Procedure

Periodontal surgery is a type of dental procedure that involves reshaping the gums and bones around the teeth in order to improve the health of your gums and teeth. Before having periodontal surgery, it is important to understand what you should do in order to prepare for the procedure. This includes following pre-surgery instructions such as taking certain medications, avoiding certain foods and drinks, and scheduling an appointment with your dentist or periodontist. Following these instructions will help ensure that your surgery can be completed safely and successfully.


Periodontal surgery is a highly specialized and important dental procedure. It involves the removal of gum tissue and bone to help restore the health of an individual’s gums. Preparation for this type of surgery is key in ensuring that it goes as smoothly as possible, which can include brushing and flossing regularly, attending regular check-ups with your dentist, avoiding smoking, and maintaining a healthy diet. If you are considering periodontal surgery, be sure to contact Perio Health to discuss all your options and get the best care available.

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