Laser Therapy in Houston, TX

Lasers have revolutionized several areas of dental treatment. The specialists at Perio Health Professionals in Houston offer the WaterLase iPlus® laser as a virtually pain-free treatment option. Call or reach out to us via e-mail to schedule an appointment to avail yourself of the one piece of equipment that takes the fear out of periodontal care.

Regardless of the type of laser therapy you undergo, it is important to maintain good oral health afterward in order to avoid a recurrence of the issue. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and rinse regularly with an antimicrobial product.

To find out how laser therapy can improve your oral health, call or reach out to us via e-mail to schedule an appointment at Perio Health Professionals in Houston.

Laser Therapy Q & A

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is an alternative to other mechanical cutting devices. It enables the doctors at Perio Health Professionals to access and remove inflamed gum tissue in and around the root of your tooth. Laser therapy also removes infected tissue and is used to expose the root in preparation for scaling.

Laser therapy can further be used for wound healing and in the removal of gum tissue to help uncover impacted teeth, as well as for malignancies and lesions.

The type of laser therapy that the specialists at Perio Health Professionals perform cuts soft tissue and bone, and is used for:

  • Gingivectomy
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Gingival contouring
  • Laser disinfection
  • Other periodontal surgeries

How does laser therapy work?

Laser therapy uses light energy produced by a laser to interact with the target tissue in one of four ways:

  • Reflection
  • Transmission
  • Scattering
  • Absorption

Laser therapy uses focusing lenses, a cooling system, and other controls, along with a varying wavelength and other properties that are determined by the active medium, which is either a gas, a crystal, or a solid-state semiconductor.

The laser therapy that the doctors at Perio Health Professionals use is the WaterLase iPlus, a combination of laser energy and a spray of water in a process called HydroPhotonics™.

Is laser therapy right for me?

Not only are you subjected to less pain and drilling with laser therapy, but it’s also less invasive. The many benefits of laser therapy include:

  • A reduction in swelling and post-operative sensitivity
  • Less bleeding
  • Shortened healing and recovery time
  • No need for general anesthetic
  • Blocking the pain signals transmitted from injured parts of the body to the brain
  • Improved blood flow
  • Reduction in scar tissue
  • Sterilization
  • No need for sutures
  • Reduced surgical time

Additionally, lasers target the diseased areas more precisely and accurately than other methods.

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