Periodontal Microsurgery in Houston, TX

Periodontal Microsurgery is a cutting-edge technique that utilizes advanced surgical microscopes and small, precise instruments to refine and modify traditional periodontal surgery for a less invasive treatment experience. At Perio Health, we are proud to offer our patients the benefits of Periodontal Microsurgery in Houston, TX, which provides faster healing, improved aesthetics, and more precise results compared to conventional surgery.

Our team of experienced periodontal experts is dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional care and results, and we are committed to utilizing the latest techniques and technology to achieve the best possible outcomes. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how you can achieve satisfactory microsurgery in Houston.

What is Microscopic Periodontal Microsurgery?

Although traditional periodontal surgery is effective, it can be a traumatic experience for patients, causing post-operative discomfort and a prolonged recovery period. The utilization of surgical microscopes has facilitated the emergence of an innovative technique known as Periodontal Microsurgery in Houston, TX. This method is a significant advancement over traditional surgery, delivering improved outcomes and less invasive treatment. Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in performing microscopic surgery, enabling our patients to enjoy faster healing and superior aesthetic results.

Comparison between Microscopic and Traditional Gum Surgery

Conventional gum surgery relies on the naked eye for visualization, and as a result, the tools used, such as needles, scalpels, and sutures, are relatively large, leading to larger incisions. This can cause more bleeding, swelling, and discomfort after the procedure. Conversely, Microsurgery in Houston utilizes a surgical microscope during the procedure, enabling the utilization of smaller instruments. This results in reduced tissue damage, leading to less trauma to the oral tissues.

Exploring the tools of Microscopic Periodontal Surgery

After establishing the fundamental differences between conventional and microscopic surgery, it is important to examine the various instruments used in the latter. The most commonly utilized tools include:

  • Scalpels: The conventional scalpel blade typically measures around 12 millimeters in width. Conversely, the microsurgery scalpel blade is approximately 3 millimeters, allowing for a higher degree of precision and accuracy, minimizing trauma to the oral soft tissues.
  • Needles and sutures: The sutures and needles used in Houston microsurgery are one-third of the size of their traditional counterparts. The thread is as thin as a human hair, but still has the same level of strength as conventional stitches.
  • Dental microscope: The use of a surgical microscope enable our experts to visualize oral landmarks with exceptional accuracy. Fine details and structures are visible, and they can adjust the focal length of the microscope while maintaining a comfortable working posture. Similar to an intraoral camera, a dental microscope is also capable of capturing images for diagnosis and patient education purposes.

Benefits of Periodontal Microsurgery

The benefits of Microsurgery in Houston comprise the following:

  • Achieving superior cosmetic blending of tissue colors and contours
  • Achieving appropriate tooth length for a fuller, brighter smile
  • Creating a symmetrical gum line
  • Regenerating lost or deficient tissue
  • Protecting the exposed root structure from sensitivity, erosion, and decay
  • Correcting anatomical defects and excess pigmentation
  • Enhancing orthodontic treatment results
Periodontal Microsurgery

What Patients Can Expect from Periodontal Microsurgery in Houston, TX

Although each patient and procedure is unique, those undergoing dental microsurgery in Houston can expect to benefit from the following experiences:

Our team will utilize a high level of magnification to view the gums and teeth during treatment, which is not achievable in traditional procedures.
This enhanced visual clarity enables our experts to work more efficiently and accurately.

The techniques utilized are gentler and more precise, leading to improved outcomes and a more comfortable experience for patients.
Whether patients require bone grafting, dental implant restoration, or a deep cleaning treatment utilizing dental microsurgery, our experts strive to provide a comfortable, precise, and non-invasive experience.

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