How Long Would Your Root Canal Take?

July 15, 2022

A root canal is a standard dental procedure to get rid of tooth roots suffering from damage without having to pull it out. This procedure is inevitable when the soft tissue gets infected. But, how long does a root canal actually take?

How Long Does It Take To Do A Root Canal?

The dentist can finish off a simple root canal process in between 30 to 60 minutes for a single canal tooth. However, if your tooth has more irregularities, expect the procedure to be about 90 minutes or more on the dentist’s chair for your treatment.

The whole process takes a significant amount of time and energy since your nerve endings need removal, followed by site cleaning and disinfection.

A few of your teeth have multiple pulp canals, whereas others have just one. The time for a root canal treatment also includes set-up time, preparation, and anesthesia. How long would the root canal treatment take also is dependent largely on the area of your infected tooth.

Canine and Incisor Teeth

These two are present at the front of your set. Both just have a single root, thus taking the least time to fill and close up during a root canal treatment. However, it may still need 45 to 60 minutes, without the time to place a crown if required.


Molars are present on the back side of your mouth. If an infection occurs in one of those, the dentist will need 90 minutes long or even more to finish off a root canal procedure. The reason behind it is that they can have up to four canals, i.e., take more time.


Premolars are found between the molars and canines, with usually one or two canals. Therefore, expect an hour or a few minutes over that but not longer than that for a root canal.

Your dentist may or may not give you a call for a second appointment to place the crown, or it may take more than 60 minutes for crown placement. In usual cases, the dentist gives a short time to wait after the root canal is done to ensure proper healing of your tooth.

Why Do Certain Root Canals Require More Than One Visit?

You may require a second appointment, depending on the health of your tooth. The first sitting will be based on disinfecting the infected tooth. The dentist will take time and carefully perform the whole process; will treat your tooth using a temporary antibacterial drug so you no longer suffer from tooth pain.

The second phase of this treatment is deep dental cleaning and applying sealants on the tooth inside your oral cavity. Your dentist will finally place either a permanent or temporary filling with or without a crown to restore your tooth.

Aftercare- root canal treatment

After your first appointment, you may have to wait as long as 1 to 2 weeks to get your hands on the crown for placement. In the meantime, only eat soft food items and rinse your mouth with a lukewarm salt water solution.

Final Words

Get in touch with the professional from Perio Health to know more about the troubles and FAQs about root canals.

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