Try These Tips Today to Save Your Smile for Years to Come

February 15, 2022

You don’t have to just take a dental professional’s word that an amazing smile is one of the most rewarding assets you can have. Just talk to friends, family, and co-workers, and they too will agree that taking steps today to preserve a smile is an investment that will yield benefits for years – perhaps even decades — to come.

Take a look at the following information to take a deeper dive into some of the oral health care practices that you can practice at home or in conjunction with a general, family, or periodontal dentist near you!

First Things First: The Basics of Oral Health

It sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many people do not practice even the basic oral health at home. While we’ve all heard about the importance of brushing for at least two minutes a day, at least once a day, study after study is revealing that the average person brushes their teeth for less than one minute, once a day!

While that may be shocking to read, it’s even more shocking to learn that an equal number of people do not floss once a day.

Without adhering to these two basic practices of oral health from your home, the results lead to time-consuming and costly dental procedures such as dental implants for tooth loss and periodontal treatment for gum disease.

Instead of having to fret what the future holds, it just makes sense to adhere to the dentist recommended flossing and brushing techniques. Spending a few minutes each day seems a lot more desirable than having to spend the months it takes for tooth replacement therapy.

If you have questions about the best practices for your own oral health, schedule a dental check-up with your dental team today for their advice on what improvements you can make.

The Foundation of Your Smile

It’s common for people to believe the most amazing thing about their smile is their teeth. They look for ways to whiten them and straighten them, but what a lot of them forget about is the very basic foundation of their teeth – the health of their gums!

A good example is an adult who is looking for dental aligners or braces for their teeth but has ignored the basics of plaque and tartar management through professional dental cleanings.

It’s kind of like putting the cart before the horse. Those who’ve taken short-cuts to their smile may have a temporary end-result of straighter teeth, but because they’ve ignored their periodontal health, those straighter teeth are more prone to damage, decay, and potentially having to be extracted because the gum tissue they’ve neglected can no longer support them.

So, here’s a quick reality check. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental exam, why not make an appointment today to get the foundation of your smile in order before you start building on enhancing it?

Trust the Professionals When It Comes to Tooth Whitening

It’s human nature to look for shortcuts and money-savers. That’s one reason that over-the-counter tooth whitening products are so popular.

But what many people don’t realize is that taking a shortcut today could result in costly treatment down the road – especially when it comes to whitening their smiles.

It’s pretty common for over-the-counter whitening products to be used incorrectly. And when this happens, it can result in damage to the enamel of your teeth. This results in tooth sensitivity. And because tooth enamel cannot repair itself, it means specialized treatment such as dental sealants.

So, here’s another quick reality check if you’re searching for a way to save your smile for years to come. Instead of trusting the sensitivity of your teeth to products that can potentially harm your smile, make an appointment today with a dentist near you in Houston.

Other Ways a Dentist in Houston Can Help with Your Periodontal Health

Gum disease happens slowly and usually without a lot of forewarning. Often, the first indicator is bleeding gum when you brush your teeth and spit into the sink. Another common sign is tooth sensitivity at the gumline. This is a sure indication that there’s something going on at the root level of your tooth, and if left untreated, will spread to other areas of your gums.

The bottom line is that gum disease can interrupt any plans you have for an amazing smile. But your Houston dentist who specializes in periodontal health can make sure that you get every benefit you deserve from a healthy smile that will last for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more, please schedule an appointment today with Perio Health Professionals.

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