Is Sleep Apnea A Disability?

Jan 15, 20241253 Views

When someone has sleep apnea, they experience pauses in breathing during sleep. It’s like a temporary hiccup where the normal flow of breathing gets interrupted. These pauses, or apneas, can happen several times throughout the night. Now, your body’s not a fan of interruptions, so it kicks into action to wake you up now and […]

Gum Abscess Stages: How Soon Can You See Your Periodontist

Dec 30, 20231493 Views

Your teeth are a barrier to bacteria, preventing them from invading your living tissues. If your enamel erodes and weakens, the bacteria make the most of this opportunity and invade your gums. Sometimes, it forms inside the gum pocket that surrounds your tooth. Types of Tooth Abscess The kinds of tooth abscesses are categorized according […]

How Do You Shrink Gum Pockets Using Modern Surgical Techniques?

Dec 15, 20231008 Views

Your gums are supposed to fit around your teeth like a turtle neck sweater fits around your neck. Loose-fitting gums cause pockets to form around your teeth. These pockets are not harmless. They allow the bacteria from food and plaque buildup to reside in them. How Do You Shrink Periodontal Pockets? People will suggest a […]

Tooth Bone Loss Causes And Treatment

Nov 30, 20231719 Views

Tooth bone loss occurs due to many reasons. The most popular one is tooth extractions. When a tooth is missing, the bone is no longer used inside your mouth. It no longer indulges in activities it was designed for, such as biting and chewing. A scientific theory says humans used to have tails in ancient […]

Advancements And Benefits Of Laser Periodontal Therapy

Nov 15, 20231220 Views

Clinically treating a gum disease might paint a picture of an invasive surgical process in your mind. However, advancements have changed our traditional methods of thinking about various procedures. Gum disease treatment, for example, is now a minimally invasive and efficient procedure due to advanced laser periodontal therapy. Use of Lasers in Periodontal Therapy Laser […]

How Do Dentists Fix A Gummy Smile?

Oct 30, 20233289 Views

Your smile is a sneak peek into your confidence. However, for some people, their smile reveals more than they would want to show. A gummy smile leads to self-consciousness and loss of poise. If you or someone you know is battling this issue, knowing about its causes and potential solutions can be of great help […]

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